Monday, November 3, 2008

A State... of Terror?

B and I took a mini vacation down to South Carolina to visit his family. And I figured out something that I hadn't thought about before- South Carolina is perfect for serial killers/ horror movies!

I know, I know, it should have been obvious... but it didn't really click until we took a family trip to Harmon Tree Farm.

This place was downright creepy. Well, it started off like any other trip to a tree farm with a Christmas House, petting zoo, pumpkin patch and miles of no one else around. The Christmas House was okay- just a rinky-dink place packed to the gills with Christmas ornaments, creepy dolls, and Santa riding fish and hunting.

The true creepiness didn't begin until we went into the Barn. Which isn't so bad from the outside.

But when you walk in, and the place is completely empty- and set up with many many chairs facing the same direction, seemingly waiting for a sick twisted pageant... well, it was about that time we all thought that we should leave- but didn't.

We decided to walk around the tree farm, and stumbled upon a lovely little petting zoo. It's either a convinient place to store the bodies, or as B said, "The perfect place for a James Bond Villian's Lair," complete with robotic sheep, goats, and scuba divers with elaborate robotic swan hats.

While the farm itself could have become our certain doom, the acres and acres of Christmas Tree's just growing in lovely little lines was a picturesque thing to look at, before we all became goat food.

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